2015 Malbec “Entry” | Bon Niche Cellars


Varietal: Malbec
Region: California
Appellation: Paso Robles
Vintage: 2015

2015 Malbec “Entry”

Varietal: 100% estate grown Malbec

Oak: Hungarian/French oak for 36 months

Alcohol: 14.3%

The Malbec growing inside the gates at Bon Niche is a beautiful dark fruit.  These estate grown grapes produce a deep-bodied, rich, and spicy wine. Traditionally grown in France, it’s now a famous Argentinian varietal, but grows well here in Paso Robles! After nearly three years in barrel, our 2015 wine will age well, up to 10 years. Titled the “Entry” because of its prominent location in the vineyard, it is welcoming to all who visit. Malbec is a great choice with leaner meats or blue cheese; try it with roasted pork or turkey.

On the Label: Don Extercamp and Ray Morfin of San Miguel, CA found this delightfully colored courtyard entry at an art gallery in Carrizozo in New Mexico.