2015 Merlot “My Garden/Mon Jardin” | Bon Niche Cellars


Varietal: Merlot
Region: California
Appellation: Paso Robles
Vintage: 2015

2015 Merlot “My Garden/Mon Jardin”

Varietal: 100% Merlot

Oak: Hungarian/French oak for 36 months

Alcohol: 15.6%

Smooth, with medium levels of tannin and acidity. Perfectly balanced and ready to pair with food. This wine is done in the traditional Bordeaux style and truly showcases the beauty of the oft-overlooked Merlot! Because it’s in the middle of the “red wine” spectrum, you can pair this with almost anything. Try this with chicken, lightly-spiced meats, and aged goat cheese.

On the Label: Photographer Bill George of Tucson, AZ, enjoys garden shots from all around the world. This amazing shot could have been taken anywhere!