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Balsamic Vinegar – Aged Modena

These locally produced balsamic vinegars are a favorite of ours. We can use them for anything! We love them for salad dressings. Use 3 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar. 

Our favorite flavor is our Aged Modena. This is one of the finest traditionally produced aged balsamic vinegars in color, texture, aroma, and flavor. It is aged for up to 18 years in progressively smaller wooden barrels made of oak, mulberry, chestnut and juniper, each of them contributing to the rich and complex aroma of the vinegar.

It has a thick syrup consistency and is amazing when drizzled on parmesan cheese, bruschetta, fruit, or desserts. Try it with our Garlic Olive Oil or Mission Reserve Extra Virgin Oil to dip your bread in – you won’t be disappointed!