2023 Albarino | Bon Niche Cellars


Varietal: Albarino
Region: California
Appellation: Central Coast
Vintage: 2023

2023 Albarino

Varietal: 100% Albariño from Paso Robles AVA, Barr Wine Estates

Stainless Steel

Alcohol: 13.8%

Picked on a cool fall day, we put it immediately into a direct press. Fermented completely, this dry, crisp white wine will be your new summer favorite!  Like a salty sea breeze under the summer sun, this exceptionally refreshing Albariño is a pour of pure paradise. Bursting with notes of lemon zest, candy apple, and apricot, hints of honeysuckle and jasmine balance out this crisp, light, pale yellow beauty. A sipper for any season! This Spanish varietal stands up well to the heat, and pairs well with seafood, Thai food, or a lazy day at the beach.