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Photo Contest

Put Your Photo on a Bottle of Bon Niche!

Winemaking is truly an art form, and we think our bottles are, too! With each bottling, we select a new label photo to illustrate a Very Good Place to enjoy wine (Bon Niche loosely translates to a “good place” in French). We also love that some of our biggest fans have an opportunity to enjoy not only the fruits of our labors, but theirs as well!

Enjoy browsing through all the past winners – maybe you’ll be inspired to enter your photos!

Past Winners

Janet Ujfalasi

2019 "Sunset" Cabernet Franc
JANET UJFALASI, of San Miguel, California, captured this stunning sunset at Little Corona Beach in Corona, California.

Jane Grant

2019 "Path" Bordeaux-Style Blend
JANE GRANT, of Rancho Cordova, California, found this unique path at Fort Jefferson within the Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida Keys.

Donald Stull

2019 "Arches" Bordeaux-Style Blend
DONALD STULL, of Port Townsend, Washington, caught these Arches in a puddle after a rainstorm in Havana, Cuba.

Helle Rosenak

2019 "Arches" Bordeaux-Style Blend
HELLE ROSENAK of San Diego, California, captured these beautiful arches in the Al Fateh Grand Mosque in Manama, Bahrain.

Jody Stull-Deno

2018 "Windows" Petit Verdot
JODY STULL-DENO, of Silverdale, Washington, found these quaint windows near Trafalgar Square, in London, England.

Kelvin Chua

2018 "Path" Bordeaux-Style Blend
KELVIN CHUA, of Redwood, California, discovered this sand dune path along the Silk Road in Dunhuang, China.

Steve Wewerka

2018 "Estates" Malbec & Petit Verdot Blend
Full-time photographer & part-time goat herder STEVE WEWERKA caught the morning fog over our Malbec vineyard at harvest.

Jeannie Ostler

2018 "Manor" Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Club Member JEANNIE OSTLER, of San Miguel, found this lovely manor along the Canal de Centre, France.

Scott Currie

2018 "Entry" Malbec
Photo contest winner SCOTT CURRIE, now of Paso Robles, California, found this Clam Cannery entry in Port Townsend, Washington.

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan

2019 "Garden" Merlot
MARY ELIZABETH SULLIVAN found this beautiful plant in a Succulent Garden, in Oakland, California.

Cameron Lindsay-Hewitt

2021 Viognier "By the Sea"
Navy veteran CAMERON LINDSAY-HEWITT, San Diego, California, found this shot "By the Sea" while visiting Arbroath Harbor, Scotland.

Meredith George Wieland

2017 "Vacation" Reserve Syrah Blend
Photo contest winner MEREDITH GEORGE WIELAND, of Kodiak, Alaska, captured this striking image at Albuquerque's International Ballon Fiesta.

Melanie Ram

2017 "Arches" Reserve Bordeaux-Style Blend
MELANIE RAM of Fresno, California, captured these stunning Arabesque arches in Granada, Spain.

Natalie McCormick

2018 "Garden" Merlot
Winner and US Navy Veteran NATALIE MCCORMICK, currently stationed in San Antonio, Texas, captured this vibrant fountain scene at Holland's Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands.

Cristina Baba

2017 "Entry" Reserve Malbec Barrel Select
Photo contest winner CRISTINA BABA of Gardena, Ca, shot this lovely entry in Portland, Oregon's Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Yvonne Smith

2017 "Windows" Reserve Petit Verdot Winemaker's Select
Photo contest winner and Wine Club member YVONNE SMITH of Atascadero, Ca, noticed this charming window in Freinsheim, Germany.

Del Carniero

2019 "By the Sea" Sauvignon Blanc
Photo contest winner DEL CARNIERO captured this magical moment beneath the Manhattan Beach Pier in California.

Linda Reed

2017 Reserve Bordeaux-Style Blend "Path"
Photo contest winner and Wine Club member LINDA REED of San Miguel, Ca, captured this ethereal path through blooming almond trees near Bakersfield, Ca.

Margaret Lum

2015 "Entry" Malbec Reserve
Contest winner MARGARET LUM captured this amazing photo of our very own winery dog, Barley, in front of a stunning entry in Balboa Park, San Diego. Follow Barley's adventures @barleyvondoodle on instagram.

Douglas Howe

2016 "Path" Bordeaux Style Blend
Photo contest winner DOUGLAS HOWE, of Reno, Nevada, found this autumnal "Path Not Traveled" while meandering through Vermont. Our Wine Club voted this photo to winning status!

Kathleen Brundage

2017 "Vacation" Syrah Blend
Winner KATHLEEN BRUNDAGE of Yucaipa, Ca, captured this amazing shot of a winter vacation while at California's Mammoth Mountain.

Saul Perez

2018 "By the Sea" Sauvignon Blanc
With an artist's eye, SAUL PEREZ of Bakersfield, California, captured this stunning shot of a lighthouse while traveling around Ireland. The crisp lines match our summery white wine.

Jasmine Hann

2017 "Windows" Petit Verdot
Photo winner JASMINE HANN of Chesapeake, Virginia, came across this stunning window clock in the Musée de Orsay in Paris, France. With incredible views through this window, it's very clear that this elegant photo is a perfect accompaniment to our estate wine.

Margaux Preston

2017 "Sunset" Cabernet Franc
Photo contest winner MARGAUX PRESTON of San Diego, California, travels with her growing family with their van, Bruce - they captured this amazing sunset in Mammoth Lakes, California. Follow their adventures on instagram @sowewent!                    

Dawn Whiting

2017 "Stairs" Zinfandel
U.S. Navy Veteran DAWN WHITING found this beautiful stairway framed by cherry blossoms, while running in Okinawa, Japan. Great wines are best shared with great friends!

Peter Rogers

2017 "Entry" Malbec
A repeat winner, our amateur photographer friend PETER ROGERS of Chino Hills, Ca., captured this colorful entry while in Pienza, Italy. The flowery entry is reminiscent of our fruity estate Malbec!

Doris Payne

2011 Par La Mer
This serene lighthouse photo was taken near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada by its owner and California resident DORIS PAYNE.  Prince Edwards Island is visible from the top deck.

Jim Alberter

2012 Par La Mer
Along the northern coast of Italy overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are five villages that make up Cinque Terra. This breathtaking photo of colorful homes built on terraces in the rugged steep landscape of Manarola was taken by JIM ALBERTER of Paso Robles, CA.

Wally Murray

2009 Voyage
This inspiring photo was taken by winery owner Wally Murray while vacationing in Venice, Italy.

Eli Sakellakis

2010 Voyage
This energizing and fun photo was taken by ELI SAKELLAKIS of The Woodlands, Texas while vacationing on the island of Sifnos in Greece.

Melissa Anderson

2011 Voyage
Our featured photo is of La Fontaine Moussue in Aix-en-Provence, France.  The natural hot water spring contributes to the growth of moss which now covers the original 1667 design of children supporting the basin.  Thanks to MELISSA ANDERSON from Alaska, Seattle and Paris!

Yvonne Smith

2012 Vacation
Our award winning photographer captured a romantically wonderful memory along the Grand Canal in Venice.  Thanks to YVONNE SMITH of Atascadero, CA for submitting this great shot.

Bill George

2013 Vacation
Our award winning photographer captured an iconic spot on the Pacific Coastline of California in Manhattan Beach. Thanks to BILL GEORGE from Tucson, AZ for providing the most perfect vacation image.

Carol and Rich Campbell

2010 Escaliers
At the risk of getting dizzy, CAROL and RICH CAMPBELL of Federal Way, WA took this great photo of the fabulous stairwell in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Billy Ritter

2011 Escaliers
Hot days and cool maritime evenings in the Paso Robles wine region contribute to the high quality of the fruit grown in that region.  Not too far from the vineyards you can find this inviting staircase on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA.  Our appreciation goes to BILLY RITTER for submitting the winning photo.

RaShelle Young

2011 The Bridge
This winning photo is of Pont Saint Michel, a bridge linking the Place Saint-Michel on the left bank of the river Seine to the Ile de la Cite. RASHELLE YOUNG of Aliso Viejo, CA took this romantic photo while traveling with her husband "Sparky" in Paris France.

Yvonne Smith

2015 The Bridge
Take a look at the label and imagine yourself standing on the bridge at the Multnomah Falls, in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.  Our contest winner YVONNE SMITH of Atascadero, CA certainly captured the essence of being in a good niche.

Lori Bell

2011 The Swing
This label photo of a good niche is a swing, or la balancoise, taken on a breezy October day in San Luis Obispo, CA.  The winning photographer is LORI BELLof Santa Maria, CA.

Bill George

2011 Chair
These comfy chairs are arranged for optimally viewing the grandeur of Sedona, Arizona.  Prolific photographer BILL GEORGE (agfrom Tucson, Arizona captured this picture with the assistance of his staging director and wife, Jet George.

Donna Daniels

2013 Chair
The photo of this inviting place to sip wine was taken in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia by DONNA DANIELS of Redmond, Oregon.  This vibrant red chair surrounded by serene gardens provided a good niche to take in the views and kick back.

Al Steinberg

2013 The Manor
Let you imagination take you to an enchanting manor.  Imagine yourself indulging on this fine wine from an elegant glass, while you observe the breathtaking view.  Perhaps it’s from the cellar of this lovely waterfront location captured digitally by AL STEINBERG of St. Petersburg, FL on his travels to Portofino, Italy.

Patricia Killoran

2014 The Manor
Scarlet flowers spilling out of containers invite us to our imaginary Manor and the rich red wines that may be resting deep in it’s vast wine cellar.  PATRICIA KILLORAN of Tucson, AZ. Captured this photo during some amazing travels in Paris, France.

Marilyn Sisler

2015 The Manor
Paso Robles resident MARILYN SISLER captured this splendid gem in Sentra, Portugal.  it’s the historic  Pena Palace  built on a hill and visible for miles on a clear day.

Theresa & Tim Calabretta

2013 Folly
What’s the definition of folly? fol·ly /ˈfälē/ noun : A costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.  THERESA AND TIM CALABRETTA of Atascadero, CA found the perfect Folly at a fake ruins in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

Bill George

2015 My Garden
Photographer BILL GEORGE (again!) of Tucson, AZ enjoys garden shots from all around the world.  Who knows where this one was taken?

Loretta Campbell

2009 Path
This enchanting pathway was taken by Loretta Campbell near the charming town of Killarney, Ireland.

Lysee Kierstein

2010 Path
This warn sandy pathway was taken by LYSEE KIERSTEIN of Indiatlantic, Florida while in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Catherine Fuller

2011 Path
Rich color attracts the eye towards this pathway through the botanical gardens in Mendocino, CA Our winning photographer had a very keen eye when capturing this memorable shot.  Our thanks to CATHERINE FULLER!

Robert Clarke

2012 Path
The photo of these georgeous showy California native poppies taken by ROBERT CLARKE near his home in Lancaster, CA was selected for this years' vintage of a path to a very good place.

Marilyn Sisler

2013 Path
The photo on this label was submitted by MARILYN SISLER of Paso Robles, CA.  It was taken one May in the Garden Of Europe on a breathtaking stroll through Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands.

Sue Tyner

2015 Reserve Path
SUE TYNER of Tustin, CA submitted the photo on this label.  It was taken in search of a good niche on the lush path to Honolua Bay on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Bill George

2009 Arches
Supporting the endeavor to include various photos on Bon Niche labels is BILL GEORGE of Tucson, Arizona who took this picture in Cusco, Peru.

Gordon Holyoak

2010 Arches
To support the endeavor of including photos of good niches on Bon Niche labels, GORDON HOLYOAK  of Scottsdale, Arizona submitted this calming garden shot taken in St. Remy, France.

Anne Johnson-Curtis

2011 Arches
The graceful archways and the swaying palms of the courtyard at The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA possibly reminded our photographer of the elegance in a lovely glass of this Bordeaux style blend.  Our thanks to ANNE JOHNSON-CURTIS for submitting.

Laura Dienzo

2014 Arches
LAURA DIENZO of Atascadero, CA is the winning photographer for capturing this bon niche of graceful arches in Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal.

Joyce Murray

2009 Windows
The photo on this bottle was taken by winery owner Joyce Murray in Siquenza, Spain. Before she got involved in the wine business she had time to travel.

Bill George

2010 Windows
The charming window photo was taken by BILL GEORGE of Tucson, Arizona while visiting Venice, Italy.

Karen Petersen

2011 Windows
Usually known for it's cultured wine labels, the fun loving judges couldn't resist the humor in this photo taken by KAREN PETERSEN in Old Colorado City, CO. This racy illustration portrays the spiciness of the wine, and the suspense of a delicious ending. We chose this hedonistic shot, 'cause this is just some badass wine!

Craig Pedersen

2013 Windows
The window photo on this label was taken by CRAIG PEDERSEN of Atascadero, CA while visiting the picturesque Portuguese town of Sintra. Notice the texture in the blue tiles that gives this building a particular beauty.

Mary and Peter Rogers

2015 Reserve Windows
The photo on this label was taken by MERRY and PETER ROGERS of Chino Hills, CA while on their travels through Verduno, Italy in the Piedmont region.

Tim Campbell

2009 The Entry
Tim Campbell of Yucaipa California took this inviting photo of an entryway at the Mission San Miguel, in California.

Philip Flintzer

2010 The Entry
PHILIP FLINTZER of Laguna Hills, California took an up-close shot of this inviting carved door while visiting Paris, France.

Amanda Ashton

2011 The Entry
Photo contest winner Amanda Ashton of Costa Mesa, CA shot these gates to a secret garden behind the Hotel Baudy in Giverny, France. The vines on this late 19th century beauty grow wild in invitation to the delights that lay beyond.

Martin Basurto

2013 The Entry
Photo contest winner MARTIN BASURTO of Santa Clara, CA captured this entryway photo in Tuscany, Italy inside the medieval fortress in the ancient town of Castiglione della Pescaia.

Don Exterkamp and Ray Morfin

2015 The Entry
Photo contest winners DON EXTERKAMP and RAY MORFIN of San Miguel, CA found this delightfully colored courtyard entry at an art gallery in Carrizozo New Mexico.