COVID-19 Response Policy | Bon Niche Cellars

COVID-19 Response Policy





We are committed to operating safely within this uncertain time. Of course, there are still a lot of uncertainties over how to do this. We are using all available resources in order to best guide our practices going forward (see links at the end). Since information is constantly changing, this is a fluid document and will be updated as new guidelines are posted.

As of June 5th, we have been cleared to open for wine tastings at the winery on June 12th. But it’s going to look a little different here, and our goal is to make it still an awesome wine country experience while protecting your health!

In order to ensure your safety as well as ours, we have been instructed to follow these guidelines:

Face coverings will be recommended for guests when not eating or drinking

Staff will wear face coverings at all times in the tasting room and patio when guests are present

Guests displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be asked to reschedule

Tastings will be on the patio as much as weather permits

Hand sanitizer will be provided upon arrival, and masks if needed

Physical distancing will be encouraged (except for those in your party!)

We will be sanitizing tables, chairs, high traffic areas, and the bathroom between guests, so we ask for patience upon arrival!

We will not be serving food, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

As we do not have employees, all guests will be monitored, looked after, cleaned up after, and prepared for by the management, thus the need to limit to one party at a time to start.

You will be asked to leave all glasses, napkins, cups, etc on the table. We will use disposable gloves when cleaning after each guest, and sanitize all glassware.

We will not pour wine from the bottle at the table; rather, wine will be poured into a decanter in a clean area and brought to your table. This will be removed at the end of the tasting. If you would like a dump bucket, we will bring a disposable cup to your table for you!

We will provide paper wine tasting sheets that you can take with you, or we will dispose of them.

We also will be avoiding handshakes and hugs, but we will be smiling behind the mask!

For more information:

California Department of Public Health – COVID-19 Industry Guidance

Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance

The Wine Institute

San Luis Obispo County Emergency Information Page