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Olive Oil bottle

Olive Oil

Distinctive, local olive oils, cold pressed with herbs or fruit; perfect for grilling, sautéing, pastas, or salads.

Dill Pickle Dijon bottle

Dill Pickle Dijon

Spark up your burgers and brats with this dill pickle and dijon mustard!

BBQ Slather bottle

BBQ Slather

Just what you would expect – smoky, a bit of fire, sweet and sticky!

Corkscrew bottle


A real “Pull-Taps” corkscrew with the Bon Niche logo on the handle – this is the type used by sommeliers! 

Bacon Chipotle Jam bottle

Bacon Chipotle Jam

This jam is a member favorite! Sweet and spicy, this jam is versatile – it’s awesome on turkey burgers as much as toast. 

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