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Corkscrew bottle


A real “Pull-Taps” corkscrew with the Bon Niche logo on the handle – this is the type used by sommeliers! 

Olive Oil bottle

Olive Oil

This distinctive basil olive oil is grown utilizing sustainable farming practices. It has a fresh flavor that can only be achieved by cold pressing herbs, fruit, and late harvest olives together. The oils from the olives and the herbs are extracted and perfectly combined during the milling process. Unlike infusing olive oils, this method creates … Continued

Linda’s Fab Friends Virtual Wine Tasting bottle

Linda’s Fab Friends Virtual Wine Tasting

Includes five 2 oz sample bottles of our premium Bon Niche Cellars wines. Each set will come labeled, with a sheet of tasting notes to follow along during the virtual tasting.  Sets to be shipped will be delivered 2-3 days prior to scheduled tasting. To select pick up (for Linda delivery), there is an option to … Continued

Get Your Photo on a Bon Niche Label!

Have you been enjoying the gorgeous photos on our labels? Do you think one of your photos has what it takes to make the cut? Check out our Photo Contest and turn one of your photos into a Bon Niche label!